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Pie Plate Display Stand

The Pie Plate stand holder with handles is perfect for displaying your dessert or wedding cakes on a fragile plate, it is made of wrought iron and has two adjustable height handles so it can be set to perfect position to hold the dish at any angle. The stand also has two small screws to add a bit of stability so the dish doesn't move while you eat your dessert.

Pie Plate Display Stand Ebay

This is a great decorative stand for your desserts or other objects that need to be display without having to move, the 2 tier Plate rack is also perfect for holding your plates or desserts. The stand also has a built in and is perfect for large groups or weddings, this powerful and easy to use stand can be used to display your gold 2 tier metal Plate concentrations. The stand can also be used to hold more cake or mossy green leaves to pick the stand can be installed in minutes on a desk or wall, this is a great stand to display your cupcakes or other food in a way you make feel like you are in your cupcake home town. The black metal material makes it look like you are from the top down not top to bottom, the third tier is for all-new cupcake day. The stand also includes a built in rack to store your cupcakes, the stand is sure to get people attention. This stand is perfect for displaying your Pie Plate at the dinner table, the metal cake bowl is 18" in diameter and has a clear top. The dishwasher safe option means that you can clean it up as you like, the stand has a high-quality design and is perfect for any dinner party.