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Levitation Display Stand

This sturdy display stand features a magneticlevitating system that keeps your books safe. The system can be crunched down to get quick and easy reading on the go. The floating rotating sneaker stand will keep your sneakers facing down which makes for a fun and convenient fashion experience. The led light offers a coolicester experience while the sturdy construction will last.

Levitation Display Stand Walmart

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Cheap Levitation Display Stand

This levitating shoe stand is perfect for showing off your latest and greatest levitating shoe phenomenon! The sleek design is easy to use and makes for an easy and display stand for your sneakers. this levitation stand is a great way to keep your sneakers on or in front of your audience. The 360-degree rotation makes it perfect for displaying on a wall or table. The light remote control lets you set the levitation display stand to work or play in the dark. this white levitation stand has a magnetic effect and displays your favorite fashion shoes when you take them out to walk or run. The stand can be placed on a setting or even near your chair to give you an extra layer of protection when you're not using the stand. The stand is also lightweight and easy to controls, making it a great choice for small spaces.