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Gpu Display Stand

This stand holder is perfect for watching your graphics card while you mining on your rig, it's sturdy and can be attached to a stand or hung from a key ring.

Gpu Display Stand Amazon

This stand is needed to hold the rig frame on top of the graphics card while mining, it prevents the card from moving around and makes it easier to see. This is a freestanding mining graphics card stand, it is made out of metal and plastic and is designed to hold the graphics card. It is meant to be used as a place to put the card when not in use, this stand is designed to keep your graphics card safe and protected while you're working on the computer. The stand is made out of durable materials and can also be used as a place to place your laptop if you're on the go, this is a freestanding mining graphics card Gpu stand holder. You can use it to watch your graphics card drain faster or increase its power usage, the stand can also be used to place over a keyboard and use as a dedicated gaming stand or monitor.