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Clothes Display Stand

Looking for a no-nonsense Clothes display stand that can take your project from start to finish? This one can do the job like a pro, made from high-quality plastic, it grants a tripod stand and is moreover basic to set up. Best of all, it can handle bodywear with ease.

Display Stand For Clothes

This is an unique and stylish clothing display stand for use in your clothing store, the stand gives a black tripod stand that makes having your Clothes on show as a real apart of the design. The stand also features a size for a human body and a torso dress display, the form is manufactured from high-quality styrofoam and it is facile to clean. This is a top-rated surrogate for a person who wants a realistic mannequin display stand, this head turner features a full body realistic form-factor dress form 73 inches in size. With a base of 71 inches, full body realistic mannequin display head turns dress form with base 73 is first-rate for larger size transactions, this clothing display stand is exquisite for clothing and accessories on a large scale. It is adjustable to allow for a wide range of sizes, and it can be used to display clothing either form a body or dress, the height adjustment range is likewise top-of-the-heap for small businesses or small stores, making it facile to get everyone in the store what they need. This dress display stand is enticing for displaying your female mannequin torso clothing dress, it is produced of plastic and grants stand for straightforward stand up. The stand can be used for sales, events or just to display your clothing.