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Ar-15 Rifle Display Stand

This 3 magic frame display stand is a great way to keep your firearm looking brand new! It supports all types of firearms, including 30 round magazines and ammunition, with a m16 m4 ar15 armlet, the stand also accepts m16 or ar15 magazines. This stand is also top heavy so it's not ideal for but is perfect for smaller weapons.

Ar-15 Display Stand

This stand allows you to hang your ar-15 display stand without having to remove the rifle, the stand has a magic frame that holds the Rifle in position and a floating bullet holder. This makes it easy to get your display stand up and running, this stand is for the Ar 15 model gun which has an 230 floating hunting Rifle bullet capacity. It can hold up to 4 bullet chambers in an Ar 15 model gun, making it the perfect location to store your gun, the stand is made of durable materials to last long, and it can be used for multiple applications. This stand can hold all types of timber bookshelf or desk in a single solid stand, the gun is easily accessible with the stand up on two wheels for just $69. This stand is designed to let you show off your gun in a way that hasn't been possible before, it has a magic frame display stand that is made to allow the use of firearms like the m16 and ar15. The floating bullet holder makes it easy to get your firearm showcase you what you've been looking for.