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Acrylic Plate Display Stands

This innovative and stand allows you to display your products in a style that you know is not just for showcase purposes but also provides specific uses as a trays and Plate support, the high quality of this stand means that you can easily achieve the look and feel you want without having to suffolk your products up on a tower.


Clear Acrylic Plate Stand Easels

By Advert Display Products, Inc


Plate Easel Book Or Tablet Easels Flat Item Holders

Clear Acrylic Display Stand Plate

By Advert Display Products, Inc.


Picture Frame Easel Holder (qty - 1 Piece)
S Plastic Display Holders Picture Plate Holders Clear 10
Clear Acrylic Easels or Stands/Plate Holders to Display Pictures or Other Items

Acrylic Display Stands For Plates

This clear Acrylic display stand has two different sizes to fit different plates and items, it also has a book or tablet easel on top for holding items. This stand is easy to use and is perfect for clear plates and items, this clear Acrylic stand has two different sizes to fit different need and look. The stand has two different levels of height adjustment to make sure your Plate stand look perfect, this clear stand is made with two different materials to make sure your work area looks perfect. This is a great way to add an extra layer of protection for your painting or art project, it can be used for a variety of reasons; from supporting art projects with extra weight, to provid a more high-quality display for your paintings or pictures. It is also great for holding other belongings like tools, items you need to complete the project, or extra paints, brushes, and other supplies, this stand is perfect for Acrylic plates that display stands Acrylic Plate display stand easel 3. 25 for 4-7 plates, the stand is made to fit for an 4-7 plates and can hold up to 7. This stand also includes a cloth stand which makes it easy to clean.